It´s time for blinis!

The beginning of the year is the time for blinis!
Blini Brunch is available on Sundays 29.12.2019 – 16.2.2018 at 12 (noon) – 5 pm (last orders at 3.30 pm).

Från buffén:
Caesar-salad naturel, croutons (L)
Marinated carrots, feta cheese and sunflower seeds (L,G)
Roasted beetroot, goatcheese and pinenuts (G)
Country style salad with warm smoked salmon (L,G)
Lantlig sallad med varmrökt lax (L,G)
Lightly salted salmon, marinated fennel and akvavit-mustard sauce (L, G)
Herring and Baltic herring in Bistro Sinne style (G)
Roast beef and horseradish crème (L, G)
Salted cucumber from Myrttinen and honey (L, G)
Mushroom salad (L, G)
Potatos and dill butter (L, G)
House bread and butter (L)

Belly full of Blinis:
Eat as many hot sizzling blinis as you like
Melt butter, minced red onion and rainbow trout roe
Whitefish roe 30 g +5 €
Vendace roe 30 g +8 €

Dessert från buffét:
Aura Gold cheese, cookies and applemarmelade
Rosemary panna cotta and caramell
Coffee / tea

Adults 36 €
Children 4-12 år 17 €
For children also:
Children Sinne Burger 14 €