Summer brunch!

It´s summer now!

We serve brunch on Saturdays at 12 noon – 3 pm. A la carte list also available.

Adults 39 €
Children 1 €/year of age until 11 years
For children also available: Children´s Sinne Burger and French fries 14€

The price includes one caraf of Sinne´s Sangria for a table party.

Starters from buffet

Fresh salads and crispy vegetables (V, G)
Red onion vinaigrette (V, G)
Caesar-salad, parmesan cheese and croutons (L)
Mozzarella seasoned with basil and oven dried tomato (L, G)
Rose flavored beetroots and raspberry (V, G)
Selection of herrings (L, G)
Akvavit-mustard sauce (L, G)
Selection of cold cuts and cheeses (L, G)
Grilled peppers, zucchini and spruce sprout -mayonnaise (L, G)
Rosemary flavored olives (V, G)
Potato spuds with dill (L, G)
Sinne´s bread selection (L)
Sinne´s hummus (V, G)
Butter (L, G)

Main course from buffet

Grilled salmon, seasonal vegetables and fish cream flavored with birch (L, G)
Grilled pork neck, roasted potatoes and chimichurri mayonnaise (L, G)
Served to table: Vegan aubergine melanzane (V, G)

Dessert from buffet

Fresh fruits (V, G)
Chocolate pannacotta with marinated strawberries (L, G)