Welcome to Sinne´s brunch!

Autumn brunch

On Sundays 1st October – 5th November 
At 12.00 noon – 5 pm (last reservations at 3.30 pm)

Adults 44 €
Children 1,5 €/year of age until 12 years old
For children also available Sinne Burger and french fries 14 €

From the buffet:
Green salads and red onion vinaigrette (L,G)
Blue cheese, crispy iceberg lettuce and nutvinaigrette (L,G)
Roasted beetroot with walnuts (L,G)
Baltic herring seasoned with tar (L,G)
Baltic herring seasoned with lemon (L,G)
Herring seasoned with garlic (L,G)
Herring seasoned with juniber berry (L,G)
Warm-smoked salmon and Sinne´s own sour cream (L,G)
Roasted pork filée ”Vitello Tonnato” (L,G)
Boiled Finnish potato, melted butter and fresh dill (L,G)
Sinne´s bread selection and butter (L)
Selection of cheeses with applejam and biscuits (L)

Main course served to table:

Beef sirloin with peppersauce and deepfried potato (L,G)
Malmgård´s emmerwheat, beetroot and goat´s cheese (L)

Dessert from the buffet:
Milk chocolate pannacotta with Finnihs raspberry (L,G)
Brunberg´s kisses and marmalades
Coffee and tea
For children also available icecream portion (L,G)


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Please note that á la carte is not available at brunch time.


Mark your calendars for our upcoming brunches:

12.11. Father´s Day Brunch/lunch
17.11. – 23.12. Winter Brunch (available also on Sat. 23.12.)
6.12. (Wed) Finland´s Independence Day Brunch
31.12. New Year´s Eve Blini Brunch